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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Norfolk Wildlife Trust Oppose New Development Proposals

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust have joined the Friends in opposing the new proposals to build 300 houses over a large section of Thorpe Woods.

John Hiskett, Senior Conservation Officer at Norfolk Wildlife Trust said: "The latest proposals from Socially Conscious Capital, although reduced in scale from previous proposals, still represent a major development and will have a significant adverse impact on the woodlands."

The Trust restated that the woods are designated as a County Wildlife Site - an area of land rich in wildlife. In the past the developer has been keen to downplay the environmental value of certain areas of the woods however the Trust pointed out that the information that they hold on the woods shows clearly their continued value. John Hiskett explained that " information that we hold on this County Wildlife Site (CWS) , including recent survey information, shows clearly that the site continues to meet CWS criteria and is an exceptionally valuable site for wildlife in the local context".

County Wildlife Sites are protected by local planning policies and as a result very few have been subject to loss or damage as a result of development and in Norfolk there have been no losses in the last 20 years on the scale  of that proposed here.

For more information on County Wildlife Sites like Thorpe Woods please see the Norfolk Wildlife Trust website.

Please click here to see John Hiskett of NWT being interviewed on Mustard TV about Thorpe Woods.

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