'Working for the conservation and preservation of Thorpe's woodlands as a haven for wildlife and a green space for the local community'.

Who to contact with your views.

The next few weeks are a critical time for the future of Thorpe Woods.

This is an excellent time to write an email to the papers, your councillors or MP setting out why you want these woods to be saved for future generations.

Local Councillors and MP contact details Broadland District Council
Leader of the Council Andrew Proctor


Thorpe St Andrew North West

John Fisher mail to: cllr.john.fisher@broadland.gov.uk

Ian Mackie mail to: cllr.ian.mackie@broadland.gov.uk

Nigel Shaw mail to: cllr.nigel.shaw@broadland.gov.uk

Thorpe St Andrew South East
 Kim Davis-Claydon mail to: cllr.kim.davis-claydon@broadland.gov.uk  

Jonathan Emsell mail to : cllr.jonathan.emsell@broadland.gov.uk 

 Trudy Mancini-Boyle mail to  cllr.trudy.mancini-boyle@broadland.gov.uk

Link to contact details for all Broadland Councillors - Councillors Addresses



Member of Parliament

MP Chloe Smith mail to: chloe@chloesmith.org.uk or  contact@chloesmith.org.uk

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  1. Can anyone help me my friend came across what seemed like an abandoned nursery in the woods (thorpe st andrew), curious about its history can anyone inform me of a name please your all probably the best people to ask my good friend google has let me down! :(