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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Forestry work in Thorpe Woods

Many of you will have seen the signs that have gone up around Thorpe Woods in the last few weeks announcing that the owners will be carrying out forestry work.

We have been in contact with the Forestry Commission who have confirmed that the owners have been provided with licences to carry out the following work:

Clear felling of an area covering 12 acres followed by restocking

Selective felling and coppicing of an area covering 33 acres followed by restocking

Thinning of certain areas (removal of Rhododendron etc.).

 All of the work being carried out must fulfill the terms of the forestry licences and none of it in any way alters the fact that Broadland District Council has stated in their recently published Area Action Plan, which sets out where housing development will take place upto 2026, that Thorpe Woods are unsuitable for any development and that the council will oppose any plans for development on this 200 acre County Wildlife Site.

The current work may well change the appearance of the woods but it should be remembered that the owners will need to replant/stock what they fell and that working and managing the woods can help to ensure their long term future as a green space for wildlife.

We will continue to monitor the work being carried out to ensure that it adheres to the terms of the licences issued by the Forestry Commission.

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