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Monday, 10 March 2014

NO to any development on Thorpe Woods

Last week Socially Conscious Capital came forward with a series of new pledges and statements in relation to their plans to build over large areas of Thorpe Woods.

They claim that they would give 150 acres of woodland to the community if they are allowed to build over at least 50 acres of this much loved wood, however when pushed they are unwilling to agree to any legally binding covenants that would provide the woods with long-term protection.

The Friends recognise the need for new housing but believe that BDC have identified sufficient land in the rest of the Growth Triangle to cater for that need. No one would gain from building on this beautiful woodland apart from the 5 owners.

There is an alternative to development, this is the sensitive commercial management of these woods which would preserve them in their entirety whilst allowing the owners to make a decent profit. This approach would allow the public to access the woods as a much needed green-space whilst preserving and enhancing them as a haven for wildlife.

We are supported in the above approach by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB, CPRE and the Norwich Society. Natural England has also made clear that their preference would be for the entirety of the woods to be spared from development. We are also supported by our local Councillors Ian Mackie and Nigel Shaw and by a number of local town councils.

Our last blog post we set out details of the statements of support we have received from the above bodies, many of these have been reiterated in the last few days in response to SCC's latest proposals.

We believe that the latest set of pledges are a trojan horse for the owners to develop Thorpe Woods and that SCC are only making these as they know that the argument for Thorpe Woods is moving against them and that time is running out for them to make a quick buck out of these woods.

Broadland District Council is due to issue its preference for where development should and shouldn't take place in the growth triangle this May, we hope that their decision will reflect the views of the 1000's of local people and conservation bodies who have made clear that they want Thorpe Woods to be preserved in their entirety as a green-space for people and wildlife.

The next few weeks are therefore a key moment for Thorpe Woods, you can help to ensure that these woods are saved by contacting your local councillor to make it clear that you don't want a single acre of these beautiful woods to be lost to development.

Click HERE to find out who to contact, your email could make all the difference

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