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Friday, 15 March 2013

Act Now to Save Thorpe Woods

For two and a half years we have been campaigning to stop the owners of Thorpe Woods from destroying this much loved green space.
Over the next few weeks the council will be asking local people, as part of a general consultation on where new housing should go, whether they think Thorpe woods should be preserved as a green space and whether a link road should or shouldn’t be built through them.

Thorpe Woodlands – Housing Estate or Public Park?

The first question asks whether you think Thorpe woods is suitable for development or whether it should become a publicly accessible woodland (please click on links provided at the bottom of this post to go and make your own comments) :
Are you of the opinion that that Racecourse Plantation and/or Belmore and Brown's plantation are suitable for residential development as part of an extended Core Development Area CA1? Yes/No
Alternatively, do you think that some or all of Thorpe Woodlands would be well suited to becoming a publicly accessible woodland? Yes/No.
Please explain the reasons for your answers.

Orbital Link Road – through Thorpe Woods or not?

The second question addresses the issue of the proposed orbital link road between Salhouse Road and Plumstead Road.
One of the options is for the link road to be built through Thorpe Woods which is shown as Route 2 (the Western Route) on the map below.
If a road has to be built we would prefer Route 1 (the Eastern Route) which would do less damage to the woods:
Do you prefer the eastern or western link road route between Salhouse Road and Plumstead Road? Eastern/Western
Do you consider that the link should be open to all traffic but designed to minimise traffic speeds or should it be restricted to public transport, walking and cycling? Do you have a view on restricting traffic from certain directions?
Are there any other route options for the link road which should be considered?

From the 18th March you will have 12 weeks to answer the above questions

and make clear that you want Thorpe Woods to be protected as a publicly accessible woodland and that you oppose the Western Route for the Orbital Link Road.
To answer the above questions simply click
on the following links and add your comments.

Question 23: Thorpe Woodlands

Question 24: Salhouse Road to Plumstead Road Orbital Link

Alternately you can print off the following response form, complete it and return it to Broadland District Council or you can email your answers, setting out in your email that you are responding to question 23 of the Area Action Plan Options Consultation, the email address is ldf@broadland.gov.uk.

By acting NOW you can SAVE Thorpe Woods

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