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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Woodland Trust calls for more woodland in Norfolk

In their  article and editorial of the 10th October (Make a Tree-mendous Difference- page 16) the EDP reported on the fact that the Woodland Trust has identified Norfolk and Norwich as areas that are in need of more woodland. Norwich in particular is identified as an area where free public access to woodland is low. The Trust call for the planting of trees and the creation of more woodland.
In the light of this report the plight of Thorpe Woods is even more significant.
These woods lie on the edge of Norwich and cover an area of 200 acres. However the current owners of the woods continue to push forward with their plans to fell this native woodland and build a housing estate.
The people of Norwich and Thorpe have valued this wood for generations and have made their opposition to these plans clear at public meeting and demonstrations.

The Friends, whose many members come not only from from Thorpe St Andrew but from Norwich and the wider county , have been working for over two years with conservation bodies and local politicians to draw attention to the importance of these woods, which should be preserved not only for the people of Thorpe but for the people of Norwich and the whole of Norfolk.

Hopefully before long Broadland District Council will formally recognise the value of this rare green space and act to preserve it for future generations. 

We will update you soon on the current position the woods and their proposed status within the councils development triangle, and how you can make clear to the council that you would like these woods to be protected from any form of development and secured as a greenspace for the people of Norwich and Norfolk.

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